Thursday, March 22, 2007

Roma! - Saturday.

My birthday present from Missy this year was a long weekend in Rome, and very good it was too. Four days in the eternal City was well worth the effort. We headed off early (taxi at 5am!) on Saturday and Returned on Tuesday evening.

Nothing much to report about the trip out. We were ridiculously early for the flight. At 5:30am on a Saturday morning, Heathrow is not the most crowded place, so check in and security took all of ten minutes. We even had to wait 20 minutes for the coffee shops to begin to open. The flight was on time and uneventful, we were out of the airport by noon, took the 12:05 train into the central station, pausing only to make a wake-up call to James who was very sheepish to find we were already in Rome when he was still snoozing in bed.

Sooo, at the hotel by 1pm, loads of time for lunch and sightseeing! Erm no. We were so tired we fell asleep until 5pm!

At the Lonely Planet Guide's suggestion we headed up to Piazza del Popolo for the evening - we were blissfully unaware that the Italy vs Wales Rugby game was being played at the nearby Stadio Flaminio. After a very pleasant meal at Ristorante Edy, we were greeted by lots of Welsh supporters drowning their sorrows after their unexpected defeat. Plenty of Hymns and Arias going on outside the bars. I even got a cuddle from a (male) Red-shirted Wales fan. Very surreal!

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