Wednesday, October 24, 2007

September Week IV - Home

Not much to report on the way back to Chichester. After a leisurely breakfast we headed out into the river, very conscious of the shiny big boats all around us and the ebbing tide. We felt that we were disturbing the peace with the engine, so we got the genoa up to give us some steering, turned the engine off and just drifted down on the tide.

We had just enough wind to get us home, although we had the engine on around Cowes to avoid a huge number of kevlar sails milling around. After that, it was pretty much like this all the way back to Chichester.

All in all, a great week of fairly undemanding sailing in pleasant weather. We got to Lymington, Newtown and Beaulieu for the first time before heading back, which means we've done most the "destination" places in the Solent now.

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