Friday, May 16, 2008

50 Not Out - Day 9. Soggy Dollar and Sydneys.

A chilled out day today. We were staying put in Great Harbour, so we had a quick wander around the sandy main street of the settlement, arriving just in time to see Taboo swimming back to shore after diving out to greet a party of school children who'd arrived on a wooden boat with a rig that looked like an arab dhow. Very unusual. I thought I'd taken a picture of it, but obviously not, so here's a long-shot of the church at Great Harbour instead.

We took the dinghy round the headland for lunch at the Soggy Dollar bar and had a very pleasant time, although we did find ourselves getting slightly sniffy and snobbish when the day-trippers arrived. Even more so with the fairly rough two English couples who showed up later on (tattoos, ciggies and loads of effing and blinding. Charming).

We did meet a couple who have retired to a liveaboard life on their boat Invictus2. We were pretty jealous. Boo hiss. They were pretty dismissive of a lot of charterers, but they seemed to like us for some reason.

Anyway we had lots more Red Stripes before retiring back to Sunshine for a well earned snooze, meeting this wonderful boat on the way back. Her name's Kokomo and she's very big and beautiful indeed. For about the first time on the trip, we didn't have nice fluffy white clouds and blue skies today. Ah well, I guess sometimes we just have to suffer a little :-)

Dinner this evening was at Sydney's Peace and Love over in Little Harbour. While waiting for the cab driver, Missy got to have a beer and a chat with Ivan, which she was thrilled about. Not much to report about Sydney's, really. The pig-roast was really good, though. Sydney's still works on the Honour Bar system, so you can just nip behind the bar and pour your own beers if you feel so inclined. Our paths crossed with the two catamaran-loads of a capella girl singers again here, but also with a miserable boatload of Americans who just had to be lawyers, trying to scam as much from the restaurant as possible. Ah well, not everyone can be as nice as us :-)

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