Friday, June 20, 2008

50 Not Out - Day 12 & 13. Antigua and home.

We had a lovely couple of days in Antigua. It's quite a contrast to the BVI. English Harbour and close-by Falmouth Harbour are very yachtie and I dare say a lot of the Brits there are the same people as you'll meet in Cowes most weekends.

The Antiguans seem much less reserved than The BVI'ers, it was noticable how most people you pass in the street greet you, which is something we didn't find in the BVI. It's not that people are unfriendly on Tortola, it's just that they're less open. Anyway, it was very pleasant.

The mix of boat bums, millionaires and eccentric expats is quite an appealing mix, too. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to be able to go back there again some day.

Anyway, after two days of mooching around the dockyard, admiring the boats and lazing on the beach, we headed off back to the airport for the BA flight back home. We arrived at the airport very early and were dismayed to find that the flight had been delayed by something like six hours after problems in London.

Still, we killed some time quite nicely, sitting in the evening sun at the Stanford cricket ground and then heading to the Sticky Wicket bar for something to eat and a few beers. It gave the holiday a nice symmetry to start and finish there.

I can't tell you much about the flight home. I was dozing before the plane finished taxi-ing to the runway, and didn't wake up again until after the cabin crew had served breakfast. Missy assures me it was pretty good, though.

So back to Easter in sunny England...and blizzards over the bank holiday!

Still, nothing can take away the memories from absolutely the best holiday ever. We had the most wonderful time.

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