Monday, June 05, 2006

First Post

Last week we bit the bullet and bought this. Her name is Moonshine and she's a 1972 Jaguar 27. We've seen a lot of tatty boats over the winter, but Moonshine has just had a comprehensive re-fit, with a new engine, new standing rigging and new interior upholstery, so she's looking rather smart. (Although perhaps not the custard-yellow anti-slip paint - that may have to go sooner rather than later).

We've just spent our first weekend on her and, after spending lots of cash in the chandlery up the road to buy some safety gear, we ventured out into Chichester Harbour on Sunday afternoon. Busy, isn't it?

Highlights of our learning curve were the summer beginning as we arrived, getting out of the dock and back in without damaging anything, and managing to lock in and out without drama.

Lowlights (minor ones) touching the bottom twice on the way out of the navigation channel (When the sign says 2m depth in the channel, that doesn't seem to be strictly true!) and once out in the main channel (Oops. We live and learn).

Clementine the dawg seemed to acclimatise to life as a sea-dawg quickly and looks very smart in her new red lifejacket.

So, onwards and upwards. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a summer of fair winds, cold beers and picnics in the harbour.

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John said...

Thanks for your link to the Reluctant Sailor. I have added a link to your site under our "Individual Yachts" section in the links area.