Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Big church, little church

Sunday dawned bright and clear. I know about the dawn part of that, because for the third Sunday morning running, I got to see the sunrise. What a considerate dawg Clementine is. For some reason she's been deciding that, when on the boat, sunrise is potty time. It looks like this. It's very pretty. It's very tiring. If she does it one more time, she's sleeping in the car.

I took Missy and her mum into Chichester later in the morning so that they could go to a service at the Cathedral. It's very beautiful. They didn't pick a great day for oratory though. The sermon was by the cathedral treasurer who, although undoubtedly is a fine upstanding man, did rather focus on the minutiae of church finances. Still, the view's nice.

After lunch (crab sandwiches at Dell Quay), we headed down to Bosham to see the saxon church (and eat ice creams). The church contains stones from a Roman basilica that stood on the site and is one of the few saxon churches in the country, with a continuous history of some 1600 years. Pretty impressive.

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