Monday, July 24, 2006

Not the run of the mill stroll

There I was, yelling at Clem to stay out of the mud while we were on our way from the Marina to Dell Quay for a quick half or six, when these came over the horizon....

Scared the bejayzus out of us.

Turns out they were doing a private display for a wedding party. Some wedding!

They were still doing their stuff as we arrived at the Crown and Anchor. This is their penultimate fly-past.

Nifty capture of them passing the setting sun, eh? Very artistic, I thought.

As a comparison, here's Clemmie's Earobatics on a windy evening.

All on a mobile phone of course, so not the greatest quality.

I'd actually got the phone out to take a picture of these, because we'd been wondering what kind of crop it was in the field.

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