Thursday, July 06, 2006

Positano - Thursday

22nd June 2006

A weekend away from Chichester Harbour and Moonshine and down to Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, for a few days at La Tavolozza, a B&B owned and run by four generations of belle signore. The B&B is amiably and capably run by Celeste and the view from the balcony looks something like this:

We flew out on the BA 6:30pm flight which got us into Naples at around 10:00pm. This meant that, by the time we'd picked up the little blue Micra from Avis, we were heading southwards at close to midnight. Not ideal normally, but it did mean that the decrepit autostrada and the hair-raising Amalfi Coast road was pretty empty. It also meant that Missy and her mom couldn't see that we were driving along a narrow and winding road perched over a several hundred foot drop to the Tyrrhenian Sea most of the time.

The road is an amazing feat of engineering, being blasted out of solid rock on seemingly vertical cliff faces, with more hairpin bends than seem feasible. It's quite exciting when the car's heading one way while the headlights are still illuminating large amounts of nothingness in a completely different direction.

We finally arrived in Positano at just after midnight. Since there's only one road in Positano (it winds downhill and then winds back up again) it wasn't difficult to find La Tavolozza. We dumped the bags, parked the car in a local parking garage (cost nearly as much as the rental itself - ouch) and were extremely pleased to find that we were 50 metres from a bar that was still open and still had some food left. After the journey, a cold beer and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich were like nectar and ambrosia.

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