Thursday, August 31, 2006

Downhill racing.

Sunday was pretty exhilarating with the spring tide and the wind going the same way as us. The GPS showed us touching 8 knots on the return to Chichester. Great sailing, with the weather forecast dissuading enough people from coming out to make the Solent pretty quiet. We did see this splendid ship coming up the other way though. (Even if they were cheating by motoring into the wind).

Everything was pretty quiet on board, until we turned north to get into Chichester Harbour and realised that the downwind sailing was hiding just how strong the wind was as we suddenly heeled over. Good job the sea-dawg was at home. She wouldn't have been impressed.

This is a graph of wind speed from the weather station on Chichester Bar Beacon.

See the 30 knot gust at about 14:30? That's what hit us as we were rounding the corner. No wonder we were moving quickly!

Just to round things off nicely, freeflow into the marina began just as we were arriving, so we even missed the usual weekend afternoon queues, yay!

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