Wednesday, August 30, 2006


A three day weekend with lots of stuff planned, but Missy wasn't feeling well so Plan B had to be put into effect. Missy stayed and home and watched old movies for three days, with Clemmie the sea-dawg hanging up her lifejacket for the weekend to keep her company. Paul down to the boat with old mate Mark with some serious wind forecast for the weekend.

We were civilised on Saturday and got booted and suited for a day at Goodwood races. Here's a picture of the people there. I didn't bother with any pictures of horses, because all the ones that I put money on came in some hours after the rest of the field. All, that is, except the one which was leading all the way round until a couple of feet from the finish line. At which point the horse that Mark had backed got itself half a nostril's length in front. Hmmph.

Still, it was all in all a good day, despite Missy's absence.

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