Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pavla and Tomas. August 11th-12th

With the first mate in North Carolina administering to her convalescing mom, it looked like this weekend was going to be a wash out. I'd planned on going down to the boat with the sea dawg to do a bit of work on Moonshine, but mainly to go and drink beer.

However, with the start of the football season, Nick was committed to spending the weekend at work on the Premier League website, so Pavla and her young cousin Tomas were at a loose end, so they got press ganged into going down to Moonshine for the weekend.

Pavla was working on Saturday morning, so that left us a shortened weekend, so we were never going to get very far from the dock. The weather was kind, so we had a nice walk around the harbour to Dell Quay, so Clemmie could get her usual amount of fussing and attention at the Crown and Anchor.

Sunday free-flow was ideal for getting a novice crew out into the harbour without minimum fuss. After scaring them both with a safety briefing, we headed out with the intention of getting the two landlocked Czechs out to the "open sea" wherever that may be!

In the end we decided that the Bar Beacon must qualify for that accolade and fortunately, we had just enough time to motor out there, spin around and return to the dock about 10 minutes before the end of free-flow.

Tomas was a star, a definite sailor in the making. He steered most of the way back to the marina and handled the fenders and mooring ropes with confidence. I hope he wasn't too disappointed that we didn't get the sails up, but the harbour was as crowded as I've seen it and with a fair breeze, I didn't want too push our luck too far.

Oh, and I managed to fix the broken traveller piece. It's amazing what you can do with a hammer! Good job too. There's still no sign of a replacement from RWO's distributors.

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