Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whitstable and Canterbury June 28th-30th.

Not much sailing got done for the rest of June, with the weather being wet, windy and miserable. Missy's mom came over for the last two weeks and we mainly sat watching it rain, ugh.

We did venture out to spend a couple of days in Whitstable dodging the showers, though and can highly recommend the original Wheeler's restaurant on the High Street. Still called Wheelers, although not part of the chain. It's a wonderfully quirky little place, with a seafood bar at the front and five tables in a 12'x12' room at the back. There's no drinks licence, but there's a Thresher's opposite. The food is absolutely wonderful.

We managed to see Canterbury Cathedral in between the downpours. It's an amazingly historic and beautiful building, but we decided that the stone carving at Southwell Minster is better :-)

Canterbury really is a beautiful city and we must get back there one day when we actually get a proper summer. I'm not sure about the standard of build of some of the houses there, though.

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