Monday, April 01, 2013

2013 - The weather will improve eventually...won't it?

So 2012 was another season that wasn't  exactly a classic. We finally got to Poole for the August bank holiday weekend, but the weather was so awful that Missy's vowed never to leave the Solent ever again. It was a little bouncy coming back and the baby stays breaking as we tried to get past Hurst Castle didn't help.

Ah well, onwards and upwards.

Moonshine's been in the water again this winter in the fond hope that the weather would be good enough to get out a couple of times. In fact it's been a good six month winter. March has been colder than December, January and February, and the first three of those weren't great.

Anyway, April is starting cold (4-5 degrees), but surely it's got to improve soon. Today we went down to her and pressure washed a winters worth of muck off the decks, ran the engine for an hour to make sure that the batteries are charged and drained the bilges of all the water that's accumulated.

Hopefully, the winter will end eventually and at least now we're ready to go once the temperatures start to rise a little.

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