Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moonshine Gets New Stuff.

Moonshine got a few new bits and bobs over the winter, a new steaming light and wind indicator for the mast and a couple of new ensign halyards, but not very much.

This week however, the incredibly ratty old sprayhood was finally replaced. The sprayhood really needed replacing when we bought Moonshine and over the past six years it's become more and more of an embarrassment.

I went down today to take a look and do a bit more fettling and was greeted by a picture of great beauty.

It really does look the business. It's soon to be joined by new dodgers, too. We brought the old ones back to put in the washing machine so that they'd be nice and clean to go with the new sprayhood and it turns out that the lettering was more fragile than it looked. I'll put an order in tomorrow.

Apart from checking out the new sprayhood, today's other task was to put a coat of white deck paint in the cockpit to cover the custard yellow. That's now looking pretty good too.

There's still a fair amount to be done, but the plan is to have her looking presentable this summer instead of the being the slightly tatty old boat she's been for the past couple of years.

Next step more painting and replacing the old handrails....

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Eugene Lumanlan said...

nice stuff! i wish could have this one using red diesel London.