Tuesday, April 15, 2008

50 Not Out - Day 1. Nanny Cay and Norman Island

It was very pleasant to throw back the shutters at 7:30 on Friday morning to be greeted by a view of green hills, masts and palm trees, so on went the t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops and away to get some milk for the coffee and some fruit juice to help us get the day under way.

Then off for breakfast at Gennakers restaurant next to the Horizon office before the seemingly endless paperwork to be sorted out. Then some retail therapy to get a few things (reefs, sunglass straps, something to try and stop the waterproof camera sinking like a stone). Sunshine was ready for us by 12:00, so we were able to check out of the hotel and get our stuff on board. After a terrific briefing from Georgina (English girl out there with one of the best jobs, ever) and getting all loaded up with provisions from Bobby's, we were able to get off the dock by 2pm as we'd hoped.

Georgina took us out of the marina and pointed the back of the boat at the fuel dock, before stepping away from the wheel and handing Sunshine over to me. At the time I was messing around with the dock ropes with my mind miles away, so it was a jolt back to reality when I realised I had to back close enough in to let her step off the boat without hitting the dock.

Having successfully negotiated this, we headed out the marina entrance and headed South towards Norman Island. With a strong wind and choppy seas, we motored the short distance, the only minor inconvenience was getting the dinghy from the bow to the stern. This would have been fairly straightforward in flat calm, but it was an early test with the boat pitching and rolling.

Still, an hour later we arrived in the Bight at Norman Island. Despite the strong wind, Missy managed to pick up a mooring buoy at the first attempt, Yay.

Then it was off to Pirates for the first painkillers and conch fritters of the trip before we headed back to the boat and crashed out exhausted.

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