Tuesday, April 22, 2008

50 Not Out - Day 4. Bitter End to Leverick Bay

This was a really lazy day, even by our standards. Total distance to travel - about two miles across the sound.

So a little shopping for t-shirts and stuff at BEYC followed by the short trip across to Leverick Bay, where we'd booked a slip for the night to make a change from bobbing around on a buoy. Not much to report apart from that. We much preferred the Leverick Bay resort to Bitter End. It's still very very nice, but just a little less manicured. Just like us, really.

We were joined at the dock by one of the biggest boats we saw on the trip, Cracker Bay. Formerly Campbell Bay Very impressive. Oddly, we didn't see any of the guests actually leave the boat while they were there.

In the evening, while we were lazing back at the restaurant, chatting and drinking, I noticed the couple at the next table were having one of those very quiet but intense arguments that people have when they're in public and can't scream at each other. It seemed such a shame that in a beautiful place as this, they were so miserable. I did mention to Missy that it was a waste, because it doesn't get better in life than this, so they really should look around them and appreciate what they have.

The next few days were to prove me wrong though. I thought it didn't get better than North Sound, but then I'd never been to Anegada before.

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