Monday, April 21, 2008

50 Not Out - Day 2. Upwind to Marina Cay.

We'd expected this to be our one fairly demanding sailing day of the trip. The prevailing winds in the BVI are from the east, and there's a knot or so of current drifting approximately north west. With the wind sticking at a little over twenty knots, we headed out of the bight at around 9:30am. The seas were a little calmer than the previous afternoon and, with two reefs in the main and the jib partly furled, things weren't actually too bad. We weren't making a huge amount of forward progress as we tacked up and down the channel, but Sunshine was very happy and we eventually motored into Marina Cay at about 3pm.

The last time we were here, things were a bit hair raising. As we prepared to pick up a mooring buoy, the cabin filled with smoke and the engine quickly lost power. I had to turn the engine off in case we were about to catch fire, which meant we weren't able to use the windlass to get the main anchor down, eventually getting the secondary out just before we ran out of water.

This time, thankfully, we motored serenely in, picked up the buoy at the second pass and were able to crack open a few relaxing Red Stripes without fizzing with adrenaline. It was much better this way!

At dinner at the restaurant, we had to take a picture of one of the not-quite-sturdy-enough-for-Woody chairs as a memento of the previous trip. "If you're going to fall, just fall...."

Missy was very disappointed to find that the blue-cheese burger isn't on their dinner menu. Ah well, another excuse to return.

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