Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How Long?

I knew that we'd been remiss in keeping this up to date, but three whole seasons is a lot.

The weather has a lot to do with it. It doesn't seem like we've had a decent summer since 2007, so there hasn't been much to write about. Because of the poor summers and the amount of time we were spending on other stuff,  we decided to sell Moonshine at the end of 2010. Here's the advert. We had a few people kicking tyres, but nobody put in an offer, not even the two blokes who poked around in every corner and asked every question in the book for a good two hours, then didn't bother to get back to me.

In September we had a couple of good weekends and decided that actually we rather like having a boat and made a decision that this year we'll use her more.

So, here we go. It's the beginning of May 2012, the weather is as awful as ever, but we're determined to go sailing this summer!

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