Saturday, May 05, 2012

Scuttlebutt to Poole. Almost

Our first trip of the year. A bank holiday cruise to Poole with other YBW Scuttlebutt forumites. We set off from Chichester on Thursday with barely a breath of wind, motoring down to Cowes as a staging point to the Friday meeting point in Yarmouth. Unexpectedly met up with seven other Scuttlebutters in the Lifeboat inn, so had a pleasant evening there. Yesterday we made the short trip to Yarmouth drifting down with the tide more than actually sailing. Found immediate advantages to cruising in company - lots of willing hands to help with docking. Very pleasant dinner in the Kings Head, with the forecast higher winds being felt as we left the pub. Quite a bouncy night on the pontoon as Yarmouth is fairly exposed to Easterly winds. The forecast was for the winds to die down overnight, but that hasn't happened. Sadly, Poole is going to have to be postponed yet again. We'd get there with no problem, but returning would be a slog into the wind. Ah well, a lazy day in Yarmouth then....

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