Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April arrives

The plan for the weekend of March 30th/April 1st was for me to spend the weekend by myself on Moonshine to get some fettling done.

Well, I sort of did. Ish. Nearly.

I did get there - on Sunday afternoon. It was hardly worth it, really, but I wanted to get the large items (mattresses, duvets) back on the boat so that we didn't have too much to get down there when we have the dawg in tow.

I did manage to get about four hours of sanding in before it was time to head home. Better than nothing, but not really enough to be shiny before her first sail of the year. After some consideration, I decided to oil the grabrails on the deck and the sides of the cabin opening rather than varnishing them. Now I'm not so sure. I thought it would make the wood look less plastic, but it just looks less shiny.

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