Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fettlin' and Visitin'

We only had one day for Moonshine on the weekend of April 14/15th, because we were heading up to Kingston Blount to see Pete, Tanya and baby Ellie on Sunday. Ellie was born in August and we hadn't seen her, so it was a long overdue visit.

So on Saturday we had a proper working party. I got the netting finished, so Clem is nice and secure now and we made a decent start on t-cutting and polishing the topsides. If we're not careful Moonshine will start to actually look smart. I also managed to get a few bits fixed that had fallen apart over Easter, although I need to work out why we don't have a stern light or a white steaming light. (A bit academic since we have no intention of going out after dark just now!)

Sunday was lovely. Yet another weekend of warm, sunny weather. The Heath residence is picture postcard stuff even when the weather's not the best, so on a bright spring day that was convinced it was summer, it was beautiful.

Just the one pic, but a nice one, of a proud father and his girl.

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