Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easter - Off and Running I

What a start to the sailing year this was. Blue skies, warm temperatures, light winds and a four day weekend to give us the opportunity to enjoy it all.

Good Friday was largely spent in the garden at home doing some tidying, but we arrived in Chichester at a reasonable hour for us. We had a quick trip to Aladdins Cave to get some Clemmie proof netting and (yippee) the chart software for the handheld GPS that was my Christmas present from Missy, and then on to Moonshine to do a little light (ha!) tidying up. A couple of hours of stanchion-polishing and puzzling about the best way to get the netting attached and then time for dinner at Dell Quay.

The netting means that Clemmie isn't restricted to the cockpit, so she's a happier dawg and mistress of all she surveys now.

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