Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter - Off and Running IV

Monday - another beautiful bright, clear day, so breakfast and a walk around the area for Clem before heading off back to Chichester.

There wasn't much wind as we set off, but what little there was was more or less behind us and the tide was heading the same was as us too, so we had the most gentle sail/drift Eastwards, just watching the world go by. Fantastic conditions for building Missy's confidence a little more.

By this stage, the sea dawg was absolutely shattered from being unable to spend her usual 23 hours a day asleep. She didn't much move from this position for the whole trip back.

We thought we'd have to motor back the last bit as the wind died completely as we approached Portsmouth Harbour, but a sea breeze filled in nicely for the last part of the trip to whisk us home.

There was an unexpected traffic jam at the marina. We were expecting to head straight in with free flow, but the high pressure kept the water level down so there was 20 minutes of trying to keep station until the tide rose sufficiently. Interesting to hear the idiots complaining to the marina about free flow being late, ho hum.

Fantastic weekend. The best yet. Exactly what we'd hoped for when we bought Moonshine last year. Definite Picnics in the Harbour weather!

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