Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easter - Off and Running II

Saturday was as perfect a day as was Friday. Blue skies and light winds meant that we could follow Plan A for just about the first time for us.

Well, it actually turned out to be Plan A2, because we spent longer than we'd expected showering, breakfasting, dawg walking, line organising etc, so it was about 13:00 before we actually got out of the dock. Actually Moonshine got out of the dock for us. I had A Plan involving Missy and ropes to make sure that our bow didn't hit the big old motor boat next to us, so I was busily concentrating on Missy and letting go of the stern line and hoping the tiller was pointing in the right direction, that I didn't notice that Moonshine had sort of shrugged and headed off in a perfect arc towards the fairway - Backwards. I tried to look as if that's absolutely what I'd intended and we headed off to the lock.

The winds were really light and our plan was to get to the Folly for the evening, so we finished up motoring the whole way. It was sort of a shame, but the weather was so perfect otherwise that it didn't really matter all that much.

We passed the de-liveried B&Q at about 6pm

and managed to find a nice spot against a not-too-shiny Beneteau 30 on the visitors pontoon down at the Folly.

Moonshine is somewhere among the throng over on the other side of the river.

Not surprisingly for a sunny Easter Saturday, The Folly was packed. We were impressed by their efficiency though. It took longer to queue to order the food than it took for it to arrive.

Another dawg friendly place, so Clem was happy again. We did find that she won't wee until she gets good solid earth under her feet. Despite the length of time she was cooped up on the boat, she would not go until the Folly water taxi delivered her to terra firma.

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